• Costers del Segre, DO
  • Xarel·lo Chardonnay Albariño
  • Medium body
  • Meat, blue fish, etc.
  • Fresh with toasted nuances
  • Sustainable wine-growing

Tasting Notes

    • View: Intense yellow color with golden highlights. Clean, bright and dense tear.
    • Nose: Captivating and intense nose full of tropical notes, such as grapefruit, citrus and ripe fruit interspersed with floral touches on a background of hazelnut and toast.
    • Mouth: Aromatically it is a complex wine, with tropical notes and ripe fruit mingling with floral touches and a background of hazelnut and toast from the oak and its superb development in the bottle.


It is the perfect complement to white meat, blue fish, shellfish, rices, smoked food and cheeses with personality.

Why El Niu de la Cigonya?

El Niu de la Cigonya, a young white wine, a combination of Xarel·lo, Chardonnay and Albariño from Costers del Segre. Raimat's new sustainable viticulture campaign.

"And to leave, if he has it all at home. His and the land that saw her grow, the same that flies over and feeds her. Convinced, she will stay in her nest. Meanwhile, the sun goes down. And the vineyard, lovely."