The earth gives us back what we put into it

Raimat was created with the conviction that sustainable agricultural practices were the best guarantee for the conservation of the environment. More than 100 years later, this conviction remains unchanged.

Raimat’s commitment to nature is firm, our sustainable processes far exceed the formal requirements and the winery is looking to achieve a 100% organic production model.

Sustainable Practices

From sustainable wine-making…

All our wines are made minimizing the use of agrochemicals and generation of waste, as well as optimizing production methods by integrating the available resources.

Some of the features that
best define our wine-making process are:

Prohibition of aggressive techniques (sexual confusion method)
Our own water source and gravity-fed irrigation
Efficient irrigation use
Precision viticulture through remote sensing
Improvements in vineyard biodiversity (groundcovers)

…to organic wine-making

Raimat’s goal is to become one of the leading Spanish wineries with the organic production certificate granted by the CCPAE. Accordingly, the Raimat team is working day by day to achieve, in a short period of time, organic production that only uses the resources provided by nature.