A new way of choosing wine

All our wines are classified according to intensity, from the lighthest to the most intense, so that is easy for you to choose the right wine for every occasion.

What Raimat will you choose today?

  • Whites

  • Rosés and Reds

  • Cavas

10 intensities for an easier choice

At Raimat we have classified our entire wine collection in two wheels of 10 intensities. One for rosé and red wines, and another for white wines.

The intensity of each wine is indicated on the capsule of the bottle to guide consumers about the characteristics of the wine without having to taste it first.

Where does the intensity come from?

The intensity of each wine depends on the grape variety and the wine-making method used. At Raimat we describe intensity as the combination of:

  • Organoleptic
  • Body
  • Barrel

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