Manel Raventós
i Domènech

This room belongs to the old Modernist winery built in 1918 by Joan Rubió i Bellver, a disciple of Gaudí. This used to be the ageing room, where the barrels used to age the wines were stored. It currently has heating/air-conditioning and direct access to toilet and kitchen.

· Maximum capacity for 350 people.

Joan Rubió

Also located in the Modernist winery by Joan Rubió i Bellver. The spectacular arcades and the heavenly atmosphere experienced under them earned it the nickname of the “Wine Cathedral”. It was the first reinforced concrete building in Spain. The current layout of the steel tanks in which our wines are fermented is reminiscent of the pipes of a giant organ.

· Capacity for 300 people.

Centenary Museum

Opened to celebrate the centenary of Raimat, it retains the original Catalan vaulted ceiling and is located within the Modernist winery. Nowadays it is where we carry out the ageing of our red wines and it is also the place where an exhibition of photographs showing our history spanning more than 100 years can be visited.

· Capacity for 100 people.


The Temple Room is located in the new winery built by Domingo Triay in 1988. Its name comes from the modern architecture with columns and a high ceiling reminiscent of a church.

· Capacity for 40 people.